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Multiple products get manufactured by the melt blown nonwoven fabric. Numerous companies use it to produce items like cleaning wipes, diapers, filtration products, masks, and other medical equipment. Due to the pandemic, the demand for this product has increased more than ever before. The leading Melt blown Nonwoven Fabric Suppliers is growing high due to great demand.

However, this product is the most highly efficient element in extreme temperatures up to 250°C, making it the best candidate for melt blown nonwoven fabric suppliers. Another reliability about this product that increases its demand is zero skin irritability and highly hygienic elements.

Augmented demand for the product has made it uneconomic. The market is facing a shortage of this material because of its high needs and old manufacturing procedures. Therefore, fujianhongqi, as a renowned melt blown nonwoven fabric suppliers, has found a novel solution. The highly experienced and professional team of textile experts and engineers in our workstations have made a less expensive and more practical product than other options available in the market.


Our product is a full-time solution for multiple product manufacturers. Therefore, as a melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers, we offer an exceptionally affordable and economical rate. We trust and aim to grow together with our clients. It’s the reason why we keep such a high margin for both retailers and wholesalers.

The reason why many elite industrial sectors approach Fujian melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers is, it’s useful in major industrial applications, including;

Filtration: The most common use is filtration. As it’s nearly zero irritable to human skin and the fiber used in it is quite hygienic than all the other options available in the market. Its best for both liquid and gaseous filtration.

Medical fabrics: The second-largest melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers business is in therapeutic/medical treatments. The essential parts are the disposable vestment and drape market and the sterilization cover section.

Sanitary products: Two types of sanitary protection products use this material to manufacture feminine sanitary napkins and disposable adult incontinence absorbent products.

Oil adsorbents: Melt-blown materials in a variety of dynamic models are intended to pick up oily substances. The best-known form is sorbents’ use to soak oil from the water’s surface, such as confronted in an unexpected oil spill.

Apparel: Melt-blown products’ apparel applications fall into three market segments: thermal insulation, disposable industrial clothing, and substrate for synthetic leather. The thermal insulation applications take advantage of microvoids in the structure filled with quiescent air, resulting in excellent thermal insulation.

Our Guarantee Regarding Fabric Use & Quality

If the market acknowledges our service as one of the trustworthy melt blown nonwoven fabric suppliers, then we also make it worthy by ensuring the best fabric quality and versatile use. Our melt blown nonwoven fabric has a fluffy structure, ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure, and good fold resistance, thereby increasing the number, and surface area of fibers per unit area

These features make our melt-blown cloth enable shielding, heat insulation, and Oil absorption. In terms of applications, as a known Melt blown Nonwoven Fabric Suppliers we make our product useful in all basic regards, such as; it can be used in making medical or surgical masks, 3-ply normal masks, N95/N99, KF94/KF80, FFP1/FFP2/FFP3.

Apart from making face masks, our supplied melt blown Nonwoven Fabric can also be used in making; Operation cover, Cap, Shoe cover, Surgical gown, Protective clothes, and Bedsheet, etc. For this versatility to use fabric in various projects, the team of our melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers deserve to applaud and high esteem.

Not only this, even when it comes to importing & exporting nonwoven fabrics, then fujianhongqi is preferred as a source that deals in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting nonwoven fabrics. Thus, we honor to serve as melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers – for industrialists; and as leading melt blown nonwoven fabric suppliers for clients, and supplying abroad.

Application for melt-blown fabric:

We are one of the leading melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers as we provide a high-quality product and have great demand. The melt blown nonwoven fabric suppliers have a high call from various applications; common include:

  • Filter material
  • Medical and health materials
  • Environmental protection material
  • Clothing material
  • Battery separator material
  •  Wiping material
  • Decoration
  • Labor protection and household
  • Packaging and wrapping
  • Agriculture and gardening

Melt-blown Features:

The demand for the fabric is high due to its features and properties. As the recognized melt blown nonwoven fabric manufacturers, we focus on quality and provide our customers the best. Features that make our product best are:

  • waterproof and breathable
  • non-combustible open flame
  • strong adsorption
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