How To Identify The Authenticity Of The Melt-Blown Cloth

How To Identify The Authenticity Of The Melt-Blown Cloth

You can quickly identify the melt-blown fabric products on the two floors. A useful medical face mask must have three layers, with spunbond non-woven fabric on both sides and a melt-blown fabric of enough weight in the middle. The melt blown nonwoven fabric suppliers provide filtering effect is associated with its weight; grams per square meter. The weight range is 18g to 500g, and the filtering result above 40-50g is suitable. Do not buy a facemask without melt-blown cloth! Identify true and false melt-blown face masks.

One of the research highlighted that the excellent quality melt-blown fabric looks like white. The transparent melt-blown material is not good-quality due to the sufficient weight. They are different from the spunbond nonwoven fabrics on both sides. If the fabric looks different but is thin, it is a melt-blown fabric with a small grammage. The thinner the melt-blown material, the worse the effect. It is one of the best methods to identify the authenticity.

Two simple identification method:

First, as the name suggests, the melt-blown layer will melt when it encounters fire but will not burn. Paper will glow when it meets fire. As the Melt blown Nonwoven looks like paper but different in properties.

The second method of identifying the reliable Melt blown Nonwoven Fabric is the static electricity in the melt-blown layer. If you tear the melt-blown fabric layer into strips, you will feel the electrostatic adsorption effect, and you can adsorb the melt-blown layer on the stainless steel. Moreover, you can remove the used face mask and check it to avoid wearing a 3-ply face mask.

How many face masks can per ton of melt-blown cloth produce?

A ton of melt-blown fabric can make a face mask about a one-time without losing around 1.05 million, medical N95 400,000, KN95 600,000, and the actual productivity can increase the output appropriately. You can also take help from the leading online Melt blown Nonwoven Fabric Suppliers.

Does the melt-blown fabric static electricity?

To make the breathing process as smooth as possible, and at the same time to meet the defense requirements, qualified facemasks with a melt-blown fabric will go through the electret process. The fiber’s surface after the electret has a large amount of charge and intercepts fine particles through the electrostatic adsorption effect. You can also use the typical physical characteristic of electrostatic adsorption to prove whether the melt-blown fabric is charged. The Melt blown passing through the electret, will obviously attract iron filings. Though the amount of melt-blown cloth in a single face mask is small, the effect of absorbing hair may not be noticeable, but the presence of an electric charge can also make it prominent on the wall. Although the melt-blown cloth in some of the inferior face masks did not pass through the electret, or since the electret technology was not closed, and the storage time was too long, it caused a large amount of charge to dissipate. Its protection performance fell short of the standard.

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