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Fujian Hong Qi company locates in Guangzhou city of Fujian Province , a production and sales of melt blown fabric ,PP melt blown material, mask, Non-woven cloth ,nose beam, ear rope .We obtained SGS certificate, strictly control product quality and win customers’ .

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China Melt Blown BFE Fabric

Melt blow fabric is always in demand because of its incredible uses as it has polypropylene as a raw material that makes China melt blown BFE fabric ideal for heat insulation, shielding, filtering as well as oil absorption. It is used in medical, industrial, and many other industries. China melt blown fabric manufacturers also used it to make masks as it is the prominent material that needs to make masks such as N95 or other medical masks.

Fujian Hong Qi is one of the leading melt blown fabric manufacturers in China who has been designing melt blow fabric as well as a mask to protect people from the disaster-stricken areas that can either be infected with viruses like corona, influenza, SARS or floods and earthquake. The mask we prepare in our company using china melt blown BFE fabric plays a distinguished role because of its exceptionally powerful filtering qualities . Read More

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Melt blown fabric is a high-speed hot air flow to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the die orifice of the die, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers and collecting them on the condensed screen or roller, and at the same time bonding themselves to become Melt blown non-woven fabric.


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